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San Diego Padres Science of Baseball

 Teacher Workshop 

This unique professional development opportunity provided teachers with a hands-on Padres Science of Baseball curriculum and all of the materials and classroom kits needed to implement this interactive curriculum into their classroom. A big thank you to San Diego Gas and Electric for making this opportunity available to San Diego teachers!

When: Friday, September 16

Time: 9am- 2pm 

Where: Petco Park

Workshop Cost: Free

Curriculum: Padres Science of Baseball features 12 lesson plans and kit materials for 5th – 8th grade level teachers including baseball statistics, geometry, biomechanics, nutrition, reaction time, trajectory of ball flight, ballpark design, the rules of baseball, scoring, strike zone and physiology.

Audience: Math, Science, and Physical Education teachers serving 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grades in the San Diego area.

Prior to the teacher workshop and after the teacher workshop we asked the teachers how likely they were to teach math and science lessons with a focus on baseball. Through these results, we found that 88% of the teachers were more willing to teach math, science or PE lessons using the Padres Science of Baseball lessons.

Assessment of Teacher Professional Development Sept 2016

Padres Teacher Feedback Sept 19 2016

Student Camp 

50 students attended Petco Park for a Padres Science of Baseball student camp on Saturday, December 3rd. These students participated in a fun and interactive day of learning about the Science of Baseball lessons. The first half of the day, was conducted in the classroom learning about baseball statistics, geometry of the baseball field, player positions, learning the area of their own strike zone and about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The second half of the day, students were out on the field learning the optimal angle for hitting a homerun by launching baseballs with water balloon launchers, testing their reaction time, calculating their own fielding percentage and participating in a whiffle ball game.

Prior to the camp and after the camp we asked the students a set of questions that relate to different math and science topics they learned throughout the day. Through these results, we saw an improvement in students knowledge in learning about defensive area coverage, launch angles, seating capacity and batting averages.

Padres Science of Baseball Educational Videos

Padres Science of Baseball discusses home runs, and what it takes to hit the ball out of Petco Park

Padres Science of Baseball discusses the field dimensions and geometry of Petco Park

Founder of Science of Sport, Ricardo Valerdi, and The Swinging Friar demonstrate the value and skill of a great baserunner