Science of Baseball Teacher

“The kit and differentiated binder with lessons aligned to common core are absolutely the best! I took the class right before my students took their standardized tests. Typically, after these tests, the kids will check out and it becomes difficult to maintain engagement consistently – especially with some of my boys. However, this program not only increased engagement and participation, but it decreased my behavior issues in the class and the kids were so excited to come to class and learn. At one point, I overheard one boy tell his friend that they “weren’t learning”, they were just “doing baseball”. The funny thing was that in the process of “doing baseball” (over the course of 4 weeks), they wrote three reports, used technology to research and did a myriad of other things mathematical and reading related on top of being able to learn and actually play a few games of baseball outside. It’s amazing the perspective that kids have to “learning” when it’s put in fun, engaging way. Thanks so much for this class! I’ve told all my friends about it.”

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