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The Science of Sport is a non-profit foundation dedicated to developing curriculum and programming that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our programs are designed to bring math and science to life through hands-on learning by providing engaging programs for students and teachers.

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My son Remington loved [The MLB Science of Baseball] and came home daily ranting and raving and telling anybody who would listen everything he learned and how much he enjoyed the program. I look forward to him returning next year and can’t wait for the baseball season to start this year so he can put all that he learned to good use. Thank you again and I appreciate all that you did for the kids.

Alicia, Mom

The curriculum provided a reason and opportunity for all content area teachers to collaborate on a common theme and topic. It gave our school and faculty a safe opportunity to explore STEM instruction. Teachers became more open to the process of planning cross curricular lessons because of the lessons and resources provided. Most importantly, the supplies like nets, pitching machines, and sling shots got teachers excited to try new lessons.

Ms. O’Keeffe, 8th Grade Science

The program provided hands-on activities that hit home with their interest in Baseball.  Even the students new to baseball engaged in the activities and enjoying learning about the rules, players, and the science/math behind it.   The curriculum incorporated having fun with meaningful, grade-level appropriate activities at the end of the school year.  This kept students engaged and motivated to learn right up to the last week of school.

Ms. Reeder, 7th Grade Science

Some of our students never get a chance to attend a camp or visit downtown Dallas. They were very excited to attend the [Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball] camp and they came back to school and told everyone about the great time they had. Thanks!

Falecia, K-5 Physical Education

This [Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball] camp provides students a chance to experience something exciting and positive. Great atmosphere.

Ms. Jackson, 6th Grade Science

The Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball Student Camp was a wonderful and educational experience for our students. They were actively engaged on interesting, educational, and fun stations. The students learned concepts ranging from force and motion to wingspan verses height. They also got to rub elbows with some players. It doesn’t get better then that!!! These students will remember this experience for years to come.

Angel, 5th Grade Math and Science

All of our students were very engaged because the lessons are interactive and hands on. When the [Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball] camp started they thought that they were only playing, but then they realized that they were learning math and science. Thank you Mavericks for supporting STEM, and letting our students met their heroes!!!

Mr. Quezada, 4th Grade Science

Everything was amazing! This [Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball] camp is a great way to bring back the LOVE for learning!

Mrs. Vazquez, 5th Grade Bilingual Math

The opportunity  for the students to correlate science with a sport they enjoy brightens their mind and enables them to navigate a little easier in the classroom.

Tina, 4th-8th Grade

In my unit on Force and Motion, I use the information to demonstrate how force can be applied through the transfer of energy from the bat to the ball. Students connect with the sport of baseball and can better appreciate the lessons that go with my Force unit.

Craig, 5th Grade Science

The boys in my class have “woken up” in math and are much more interested. They try and guess what “baseball connection” we will make next!

Mandy, 6th Grade Science

Student interest and engagement in sports and the Arizona Diamondbacks are high, and connecting math/science to sports is a great way to engage students in these topics. The students love anything that connects their “outside the school world” to our classroom learning, and when it’s fun and interesting they will continue to pursue the topics. Hopefully their passions with sports will help them connect with the school curriculum of math/science/reading and make learning lots more fun!

Janice, 4th-6th Gifted Specialist

The students are very excited to see what happens next. They knew that science and math are everywhere but they never realized how much there are in sports/games. They [students] are identifying other areas they “see” science and math in their hobbies and sports.

AnnMarie, Middle School Math & Science

The kit and differentiated binder with lessons aligned to common core are absolutely the best! I took the class right before my students took their state standardized tests. Typically, after these tests, the kids will check out and it becomes difficult to maintain engagement consistently – especially with some of my boys. However, this program not only increased engagement and participation, but it decreased my behavior issues in the class and the kids were so excited to come to class and learn. At one point, I overheard one boy tell his friend that they “weren’t learning”, they were just “doing baseball”. The funny thing was that in the process of “doing baseball” (over the course of 4 weeks), they wrote three reports, used technology to research and did a myriad of other things mathematical & reading related on top of being able to learn and actually play a few games of baseball outside. It’s amazing the perspective that kids have to “learning” when it’s put in a fun, engaging way. Thanks so much for this class! I’ve told all my friends about it!

Science of Baseball Customer

Materials and venue were awesome. The delivery was phenomenal- great experience overall. Coming into today, I truly knew minimal of the sport. I have learned a whole lot. I feel 100% more confident in the knowledge gained and I’m very excited to try all this in my classroom.

SOS Customer, 6th Grade Teacher

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Science of Sport Offerings

2nd grade through 12th grade curriculum

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5th through 8th grade curriculum

5th through 8th grade curriculum

Teacher Workshops

Our teacher professional development offerings are a way for teachers to learn the curriculum, receive all the materials needed to implement the lesson plans at your school or after school program.

Student Camps

Whether it’s a one day camp or a 5 week summer camp, the Science of Sport can provide engaging programing for your organization or school.

Webinar Program

We understand that schools have a hectic schedule and teachers can’t always meet in person. Our Webinar program is a great distance learning model for teachers to receive engaging lesson plans and kit materials to implement at your school.