Enrichment Program Overview

What is Science of Sport?

Science of Sport develops innovative STEM curricula and programs for diverse learning environments that foster interactive activities through engaging experiences for youth.

We look for ways to support classroom or district curriculum, to add value to student education, and assist educators in making science and mathematics accessible and exciting to students.

What are the benefits of bringing a Science of Sport Enrichment Program into the classroom?

Engaged Students

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Daily Movement

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Active Involvement

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Personal Growth

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What is the Science of Sport Enrichment Program?

Program Overview

The Science of Sport Enrichment Program is a multi-sport STEM and SEL curriculum that includes 30 different out-of-the-box enrichment activities/lessons, spread over nearly a dozen sports.

Included Sports

Sports included are soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, football, hockey, volleyball, track and field, golf, and pickle ball.

Learning Management System

A user-friendly Learning Management System will be provided, ensuring seamless integration and easy navigation for teachers and staff.


Each lesson includes a facilitator guide, video resources, and individual student activity worksheets.


As part of the Enrichment Program, a STEM Kit and 100 Activitiy Workbooks will be provided to amplify the student experience.

The included lessons will be tailored to suit elementary or middle school students.

What is Specialty Enrichment Programming? How does it work with the fundamental Enrichment Program?

Program Overview

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What’s included in the STEM Kit?

The STEM Kit includes a number of items designed to facilitate classroom lessons. Items may be specialized for a specific sport, or create experiments to illustrate complex concepts. Some items included are growth mindset cards, a trivia game with questions about math, science, engineering, technology and art, Nerf footballs, a mini catapult, and baseball cards.

For a full list of items, see link.

What’s included in the Activity Workbooks?

The Activity Workbooks include a worksheet for each lesson, providing space for students record and test the understanding.
For more detailed examples, see link.

Science of Sport Enrichment Program Overview


per school/site

Curriculum Only Cost: $700 per school/site (does not include STEM Kit or Activity Booklets)

Multi-Sport STEM and SEL Curriculum that induces 30 different out-of-the-box enrichment activities/lessons across ten sports

Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Track and Field, Golf, and Pickleball

Elementary or Middle School level lessons

Instructor Onboarding

A tailored Instructor Onboarding session, ensuring your team is fully equipped to deliver impactful lessons.

STEM Kit ($600 value)

Exciting STEM Kits brimming with educational supplies and sporting equipment, enriching the learning experience for students.

Activity Booklets ($500 value)

100 workbooks that include a worksheet for each lesson.

Science of Sport Specialty Enrichment Program


per school/site

Includes the entirety of the Science of Sport Enrichment Program, as well as:

Science of Sport Instructor-led weekly 3-hour visit

During these visits, staff will provide interactive stations for students to rotate through, focusing on movement, experiments, and contests related to the lessons.

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