Arizona Diamondbacks Science of Baseball Presented by Resolution Copper

Arizona Diamondbacks Science of Baseball Presented by Resolution Copper

April 5, 2023
Author: Justin Han, Science of Sport Intern
Why We Do It
In 2022, Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the Arizona Diamondbacks Science of Baseball Teacher Workshop Presented by Resolution Copper for 97 teachers in districts throughout Arizona. These teachers received 3 free professional development workshop opportunities, two at Chase Field and one virtually, that included access to the digital curriculum, STEM workbooks for their students, school visits from the Science of Sport staff, and a STEMShowcase for the participating schools at Chase Field.

The partnership between Arizona Diamondbacks, Resolution Copper, and Science of Sport is uniquely powerful because it creates interest in STEM in a fun and engaging way for

students in underserved communities, through the sport of baseball. This is effective because the estimated 10,000 students impacted this year in these areas may have not otherwise been educated on the fun facts about the sport, in addition to STEM concepts that they can then apply in their everyday lives. All of this has been made possible while increasing appreciation for the hometown, professional baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. The science and math lessons learned through baseball have helped encourage participating students to pursue or improve performance in these areas.

Baseball can be an excellent way to teach kids about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts. One way to do this is to focus on the physics of the game. For example, the D-backs Science of Baseball curriculum discusses how the trajectory of the ball is affected by the angle at which it is thrown and how it interacts with the air. The program also talks about the force and velocity required to hit the ball and the factors that affect its trajectory after being struck. These discussions can help kids develop a better understanding of concepts such as force, motion, gravity, and velocity.

Another way to use baseball to teach students about STEM is to introduce them to data analysis. The curriculum could have the students collect and analyze data on their favorite baseball players, such as their batting averages or the distance and speed of their home runs. This could help them develop skills in statistics, data visualization, and critical thinking. Additionally, technology can be used in multiple ways like video analysis software to help kids analyze their own form and technique, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and develop a better understanding of how to apply STEM concepts to improve their performance on the field.

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