Chicago Cubs STEAM Fair

Chicago Cubs STEAM Fair

May 31, 2023


Welcome to the Chicago Cubs STEAM Fair, Presented by Horizon Therapeutics!
This free community event focuses on STEAM activities using interactive baseball examples and gives students the opportunity to present various science fair projects to a panel of front-office executives, retired Cubs players, and STEM experts.
Below you will find the agenda, event map, activity descriptions, and the programming that will take place during the event.

Program Information

The Chicago Cubs STEAM Education Program, presented by Horizon, provides hands-on STEM curriculum and programming to families, students, and teachers throughout Chicago, Our goal is to utilize baseball and softball examples to improve student interest and performance in STEM through hands--on learning.

At Horizon, we believe science and compassion must work together to transform lives. Our mission to deliver medicines for rare, autoimmune and severe inflammatory diseases and provide compassionate support comes from our strong and simple philosophy to make a meaningful difference for patients and communities in need.

Event Map + Time Line


Health Science Zone (Location - Warning Track)


Gravity Zone (Location - Concourse)


Robotics Zone (Location - Warning Track)


Elasticity Zone (Location - Concourse)


Student Project Zone (Location - Concourse)


Aerodynamics Zone (Location - Warning Track)


Physics Zone (Location - Warning Track)


Hitting Zone (Location - Bullpen)


Win Reality Zone (Location - Bullpen)


Earth Science Zone (Location - Concourse)


Reaction Time Zone (Location - Warning Track)


Uniform & Stadium Design Zone (Location - Concourse)


Pitching Zone (Location - Bullpen)


STEM Zone (Location - Warning Track


Recovery Zone (Location - Warning Track)


Interactive Show, Including Demonstrations, Raffle & STEAM Fair Awards Zone
(Sections 9-12 + 109-111  - Starting at 1:00 pm)


Snapology Zone (Location - Concourse)


Code Your Dreams Zone (Location - Concourse)


Girls 4 Science (Location - Concourse)


Mad Science Zone (Location - Concourse)


First 5125 HOTH Robotics Zone (Location - Concourse)


Event Begins
STEAM Activities and Student Project Presentations
Interactive Show, Including Demonstrations

STEAM Jobs in Sports
Fielding Percentage
Newton's Laws of Motion
The Geometry of Wrigley Field
Launch Angle and Exit Velocity

STEAM Fair & Raffle Winners Announced
Event Ends


1. Health Science Zone

Learn how to measure your own heart rate while doing exercises and how different activities can impact your health.

2. Gravity Zone

Measure your wingspan and compare it to your height. You will also participate in a vertical and board jump.

3. Robotics Zone

Learn how to drive different robots and how to code by going around an obstacle course & running the bases.

4. Elasticity Zone

Explore how elastic different ball types are by conducting an experiment.

5. Student Project Zone

Explore and learn more about STEAM Fair projects from local students.

6. Aerodynamics Zone

Test out how aerodynamics can impact the baseball by experimenting with projectiles and parachutes.

7. Physics Zone

Experiment with launchers and catapults to understand the trajectory of ball flight.

8. Hitting Zone

Practice your hitting with sensors and understand how launch angle and exit velocity improve your performance.

9. Win Reality Zone

Experience the virtual reality environment and practice hitting against Cubs pitchers.

10. Earth Science Zone

Examine different playing surfaces with a microscope and participate in science-based demonstrations.

11. Reaction Time Zone

Test your reaction time by using light sensors.

12. Uniform & Stadium Design Zone

Design your own baseball uniform and create your own ballpark.

13. Pitching Zone

Measure your strike zone and calculate the area of your strike zone.

14. STEM Zone

Understand how your senses can improve your athletic performance (Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste & Smell).

15. Recovery Zone

Practice active and passive recovery techniques as well as using different injury prevention equipment.

16. Interactive Show, Including Demonstrations, Raffle & STEAM Fair Awards Zone

Participate in various STEAM baseball demonstrations as well as hear the winners of the raffle + STEAM Fair!

17. Snapology Zone

Participate in a Lego Build.

18. Code Your Dreams Zone

Explore and learn how to code your own pixel art on hardware.

19. Girls 4 Science

Come learn about Girls 4 Science!

20. Mad Science Zone

Participate in science activities including a Dry Ice and a Slime station.

21. First 5125 HOTH Robotics Zone

Explore and learn about different types of robots.

Event Booklet

Educational Videos

Player Positions

The Strike Zone

Measure Your Strike Zone

Defensive Reaction Time

Batter Reaction Time

Engineering Design Process

Stadium Design and Engineers

STEM Occupations in Sports

Cubs Summer Camp

Students that participate in the STEAM Fair will have the opportunity to be selected to attend a week-long summer camp held at Wrigley Field. The camp will focus on STEAM education topics that connect to both baseball and softball while also providing a unique camp experience to turn Wrigley Field into their classroom for the week. The summer camp will take place during the week of June 26th to June 30th.

Here from our two-time student project winner about the camp experience.

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