Dodgers STEM Day 

Dodgers STEM Day

April 28, 2023


Welcome to the Dodgers STEM Day! Below you will find a description for the event that includes the various stations, map overview, and programming scheduled throughout the day. Please have your students participate in the predicition challenge for their chances to win a special Dodgers prize!

Science of Sport Demonstrations on the Centerfield Stage

Welcome & Introduction
STEM Jobs in Sports
Fielding Percentage
Newton's Laws of Motion
The Geometry of Dodger Stadium
Launch Angle and Exit Velocity
The Number 9 in Baseball
Final Remarks


1 Fielding Percentage
Students will calculate their fielding percentage by working in pairs and catching baseball cards.
2 Reaction Time
Students will test their reaction time by hitting light sensors as they light up different colors, and work on answered math problems following the activity.
3 Wingspan, Vertical Jump & Broad Jump
Students will measure their height and compare it to their wingspan. Students will also test their vertical jump and board jump skills
4 Design Your Own Team and stadium
Students will design and create their own team (uniform, logo & mascot) and stadium.
5 The Strike Zone and Throwing Accuracy
Students will build their own strike zone and throw tennis balls at the inflatable dart board and calculate how many points they score.
6 Launch Angle/Hitting
Students will experiment with the trajectory of ball flight by launching balls at various angles. Students will also use virtual reality and test their reaction time against MLB pitchers.
7 Stretching/Injury Prevention
Students will learn about the importance of stretching and how it prevents injuries. Students will also participate in various yoga poses and use equipment that helps prevent injuries.
8 Coding
Students will use mini robots (Spheros) to learn about coding.

Game Prediction Challenge

1.- Only one submission per student.
2.- Most be submitted by the end of the 1st inning.

Educational Videos

Player Position
The Strike Zone
Fielding Percentages
Base Running
Stadium Design

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